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A Classy Way to Settle a Dispute in League of Legends

LoL pre-match situation can be a tricky one to handle. When the players join in to team chat before the match begins, they type in their desired roles. More often than not, the roles match and a possible fight is imminent.

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In League one of the most distasteful things is toxicity which not only happens before the starting of a match but often, players are seen using foul language during the events of a match. In ranked matches, tendency of foul language is low, as good players keep themselves calm and obey the commoners’ code. Though, a safe and sound way to avoid all this is now revealed.

Three players, who happen to come round each other in solo queue, invented a way by which the unwanted dispute before a match can be prevented. Two of them, Donquixote and Todoke wanted to play AD carry. The third person, sensing a possible conflict jumped into the scene and proposed them to play rock, paper, and scissor to decide who gets the role. It should be mentioned that this is one of the main roles in the game where players have to be at their best. But here both these players loved this role and wanted this badly. After accepting the proposal, all they had to do was to type in the answer from these three given options. When the call “go” was typed in by SRlegacy ( the third person), the two candidates began to give their answers. On the first go, both players typed in ‘paper’ so this round was cancelled. When the next round began, Donquixote typed in paper while Todoke settled for rock this time. Sadfully for Todoke, the correct answer was “paper” so he had to surrender his role and go for some other role.

If you think of it for a moment, this game can solve many issues and eradicate many issues of the game. For starters, it may lessen the amount of toxicity which starts from the champion select window and ends at the post match chat screen. If this game is highlighted on the official platform and made available for use by players, then the issues of role tanking can be resolved. Though, on practical terms, it should be mentioned that even if this method is implemented, it will be hard to eliminate naturally toxic players.

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