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“Jungle Monsters Buffed”

In this new season, jungle has been made more challenging and difficult to clear than in the former days. This move is made to equalize the champions who tend to get away with the benefit of clearing jungle quickly. Though, the ball is still in their court but the level of strength provided to monster and creeps has made a bit difficult for them as well.

Smite as a spell has gained tremendous significance because if you kill a monster by smite you will be granted special buffs. In previous years, smite was used to cast only on the jungle monsters and enemy minions. But now, the spell is of more worth when it grants you greater advantage as a jungler.

Jungle Monsters

One of the great aims of this season is strategic diversity. This is why jungle camp rewards are given to jungler to bring more to the game then just building more powerful champions. For the first time these monsters are spawned, they grant useful buffs which can be used as per the game situation. Starting off with gromp which gives a poisonous armor that poisons enemies just like teemo’s shrooms. This buff is of great significance for tanky junglers to clear jungle fast and also to be of some benefit in ganks. The best thing about gromp is that if you initiate ( as a jungler) with it and kill it with smite, then you immediately get to level 2 which is great. This allows you to solo blue sentinel as you have the poisonous buff and an extra ability.

The largest of the four wolves grants a temporary ward which rushes away from its location and places itself at some random area nearby. This buff is useful should your enemy jungler tries to counter jungle. Moreover, the stone golems, who were in the previous season a bit difficult to beat, but now they easier to take down. Taking one down by smite gives you a buff which allows you to slow enemies by every basic attacks.  This type of buff is useful for champions such as rengar whose E (bola strike) slows enemies, thus making him lethal against enemies. The witches grant a buff which is useful in a way that if an enemy champion is watching you somehow, an eye will appear on your top indicating you to retreat or to be cautious.

All of these buffs are useful when they are utilized at the right time and at the right situation. This is all part of strategic diversion.


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