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Kalista-How to Play with her

Kalista was the much awaited champion introduced by riot in its latest patch note. Indeed, many waited for her to arrive at the store so that they can buy her. It was mainly due to her ultimate and the concept of oathsworm which forced people to do so. She was, no doubt, a big success but many people find her difficult to play and end up feeding the opposing team. Here are some tips that can help!

  • It is important for you to start the bond cast when binding with an ally. In this way you will be ready to go after getting the oathsworm and other initial items.
  • In order not to lose much farm, you should make use of your S key since you can’t cancel your autos.
  • Instead of using your basic attacks or autos to last hit is not a good option since it cannot be cancelled. Better option is to use your E to last hit since it only consumes 30 mana. Another option is to auto the minions and then use E for last hit.


  • It is crucial for you to make use of your passive, since it enhances the damage output. For better use of passive, your oathsworm should attack the target enemy first and then you join in.
  • In order to push a lane faster your support should auto-attack the same minion but should not get away with the farm.
  • It is important to use your W when its cooldown is off. While It only costs 25 mana, it lasts for 7 laps and if you command the sentinel to petrol a short distance it will vanish shortly.
  • When going for the kill, make sure you use E only for the finish so as to reset this ability. Though, the more autoattacks you stack, the more damage it will do but the resulting huge slow will be of no use to you.
  • When the enemy units are not nearby, you can move wherever you want by using your Q and click button. In this way you can also jump over walls (green for go and red for no).
  • Remember, your ultimate can be used as a retreat or safety tool should your oathsworm is caught up. You can throw it towards your turret. Your ultimate is not always for attacking purpose.

Though, the difficulty level on kalista is considerably high but you can master her by a bit of practice. Goodluck!


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