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League of Legends Waypoint 01/23/2015

Season five has finally kick started and things have started to heat up a bit. The new ranked season 2015 also started from 21st January, and with it the latest patch notes 5.1 has also arrived. There is so much to talk about as Riot has great things in store for its players which will be coming their way soon.

League of Legends Waypoint

Let’s start with Rek’ Sai. She was an OP jungler who become indestructible in the mid and late game. She was so OP at her release that even if she was not fed, she still managed to get an upper hand against most champions due to low cooldowns on all her abilities. Her W (Burrow/ Unburrow) was always available to her no matter what! Moreover, Rek ’Sai’s ganking power is beyond mentioning. The way she dug tunnels and latched onto enemies was getting awfully scary and frustrating. Thankfully, Riot noticed, and she is now nerfed. Though, cooldowns are still a problem with her but now, she gets reduced base damage on her Q-Queen’s Wrath and lower bonus attack damage at all ranks. Her W is also nerfed to give reduced damage output.

Next hot news is that World Championship for this year is taking place in “Europe West”. So all the EU West players keep your fingers crossed and don’t miss out on the live action. Try and be a part of it. PBE (Public Beta Environment) recently announcement the release of this year’s first featured game mode, Nemesis Draft! The map for this event will be Summoners Rift and it will be the general 5v5 gameplay. Been draft pick, each team can ban three champions each. But what is new then? Well, the fun part is that in this mode, you will be choosing champions for your enemies! The enemy will in-turn select you your champion and you will have to play with him/her. Each player gets to decide one champion only. The champions you can give to the opposing team will be available from the complete pool of champions that all five players own. Though, just like any other draft pick, you can trade you champion with any of your team mate. So it’s time to get creative and devilish because you have to think of the worst possible combination of five champions that can do nothing even with perfect team play! Good luck with the event!

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