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League of Legends Waypoint: Tristana Gets a Rework

Riot surprised everyone when it announced to rework on one of the celebrated Yordles, Tristana. The recent details suggest that Tristana will be given all new textures, model, ability effects and voicework. Trist players have all geared up to try out this new version of long ranged yordle beast!

Riot Girl Tristana

There have also been changes to her kit. The most intriguing rework that Trist gets now is her E has been changed from explosive shot to explosive charge. The former ability’s active allowed her to rend an enemy with shrapnel which kept on damaging her foe for five seconds. Now with explosive charge, she will place a charge on an enemy champion or turret which will explode after some time dealing magic damage. The amplitude of the charge and hence the damage, is increased when Tristana repeatedly attacks the same target with her basic attacks. To further increase the damage, she can make use of her rocket jump (W). Cool, isn’t it?

The question is why were these big changes needed? With the introduction of new champs and updates on some champions, such as Sion, it was necessary to bring Tristana to date. She was getting outdated in a way that even her late game dominance could be overcome by other champions like vayne, cog’ mow. In old days, Trist often get caught after landing her rocket jump into a team fight because it was not effective. In the same way, it got frustrating for enemy champs when she suddenly escapes out of the arena. So changes were needed to balance both kind of situations because now she can use her “W” as a damage dealing tool rather than just for escape. Though, her long range persists but with the new tweak in her ability, she might even become more effective in mid game, let alone late game.

New Tristana has also been nerfed a bit. Base damage on rocket jump and the burst on rapid fire has been reduced which makes the latter ability even more crucial. You can also improvise with this new Tristana. Set an enemy champion ablaze with great explosive charge and kick them away towards their allies. On collision, the charge explodes, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. It’s a bit similar to zilean time bomb and Lee sin’s trademark kick.

Along with Tristana, time is high for Riot to bless Twitch with some buffs, as he is perhaps the squishiest marksman in LoL!

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