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Patch 5.1 notes

Patch notes 5.1 is the latest instalment into the game that we all love. Being the first update of the New Year, it marks the start of the new ranked season 2015. So, while you all come back to life and prepare yourself for the best, better go through the latest upgrades provided by Riot.

Patch 5.1 Notes

The notes has a lot less to offer than the previous ones. Though, there are certain important stuff which needs enlightenment. This article will focus on champion updates, baron and dragon changes, rune changes for new players and over-lapping crowd control effects.

Firstly, as per Riot’s words, they are going to do a total rework on Tristana, focusing mainly upon her outward character. Though, they have also changed Trist’s E active. Alister’s appearance will also be changed. Both these changes are to come later this patch series. Rek’Sai finally gets nerfed. She was so strong even with 4 v 1 situation. The dragon now knocks off the wards placed in its pit whenever it moves to his starting position. So be vary about that pit! Baron has been significantly nerfed in this patch notes. This was because taking the baron objective was so tough even in the mid game that teams tend to delay this task for late game. He now spawns with lesser health, does lesser attack damage and all types of his attacks are nerfed.

The smite is made more important as it now charges up to 2 charges with fifteen second cooldown in-between. That’s right, you can smite twice and clear camps much quicker. Though, this charging starts after 1:40 into the game. New base gates have also been introduced on either side of mid lane inner turret. Also, new players will now have limited options as far as runes are concerned. Now fresh players have limited options (23 to be exact) for purchasable runes. While the IP costs for these runes have been decreased, so have the options under marks, seals, glyps, and quintessences.  For example, beginners can only buy attack damage, speed, armor penetration and magic penetration for marks. The patch notes 5.1 has also talked about overlapping crowd control effect. Previously, the CCed champion could escape once the effects have worn and cast spells after been trapped again into another CC effect. This is an issue which is been closely monitored by Riot and a change related to it will be release soon.

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