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Patch Notes Patch 5.2 Reviews

Patch 5.2 Notes, Reviews, and Analysis

Patch notes 5.2 came out to fulfill most of the promises made by Riot. In general, this patch notes covered most of the left over things, though some of the holes still need filling. This article will talk, in length about all the major additions enforced into the game by this patch notes.

Patch 5.2 Notes Analysis

As promised, the latest update brought us a present in the shape of re-modelled Tristana and re-visualized Alister. The work on Tristana, especially the concept of her E (Explosive Charge) made her a popular choice for the role of ADC. Also, the work on her dialogues and voice is highly appreciated. Though, the patch notes clearly showed that Tristana’s abilities have been nerfed. The removal of Deathfire Grasp (DFS) is also one of the major highlights of the patch notes 5.2. The item strengthened mages and made them too OP to handle. Though, this news has shaken the ground beneath many mid laners but Riot has always been just. It has given champions an extra boast which might compensate for this loss. Ahri and Annie, for example, are the main champions blessed with buffs. Changes are expected for other mid-lane champs such as Modekaiser, Katarina, Veiger in patch notes 5.3.

Moreover, this latest patch notes has not fulfilled the promise of its predecessor, i.e. enforcing the concept of overlapping crowd control effect. Due to some bugs with certain champions, the deployment was postponed till next week. Just to explain, in previous games, players hit by CC were able to use their certain abilities such as Flash, Zhonya’s Hourglass etc. A team should be credited to hit 2 out of 3 Crowd Control(CC) effect on enemies to make sure they can never escape.

Like in every patch notes, this one is also filled with champion nerfs or buffs. Akali, Fizz, Annie, azir, for exemple, are buffed. Though, I strongly disagree with buffing Akali or Fizz as they are the two most OP mages. The nerfed ones include Tristana, Rek’ Sai, etc. For junglers, their most adorable, Stalker’s blade has seen a rise in its cost from 350 top 450 gold. For mid laners, Aether Wisp is a strong item.

Though, the most awaited featured game mode, ‘Nemesis Draft’ was expected to come in this patch notes but it didn’t. Don’t be sad, it will come later this patch series. Keep your fingers crossed and develop creative ideas to defeat your enemies. The dragon has also been buffed with increased attack speed and range. There has also been a slight adjustment in decay time for challenger and master tier teams for ranked matches. Now, players sitting in these ranks can wait for good 28 days, same as that for Platinum and Diamond players, before their rank starts to decay. In olden days, the time was ten days only. This should lift the pressure of players. Good luck to you! Stay tuned for more updates from Riot.

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