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Patch Rundown – 5.1

Patch notes 5.1 is the latest update introduced by Riot into the game. Following the preseason gigantic update and then preseason follow up update (4.21), some things needed to get fixed along with the new changes to champions and items. This article will highlight the important changes introduced into the game through this patch note.

Patch 5.1

On the whole, this patch note is nothing significant considering the vast changes introduced through preseason patch notes. The main purpose is to follow up the preseason updates following the feedback received by Riot by players. By the look of things, players seem particularly satisfied by the changes to the rift and the gameplay on the whole. Moreover, as the preseason update clearly defined that the main theme of the new season would be strategic and jungle diversity (hence new strategic items were introduced), the game developers have followed up the thought and introduced a new item “Zz’Rot Portal”. The item looks more familiar to Rek’ Sai’s tunnels but believe me, they are not! Having a cool down of 150 seconds, this item’s active builds a void gate which makes voidspawns after every 4 seconds. The gate stays erect for 150 seconds while the void spawns travel down a lane and explode on collision with units. After the third voidspawn, every voidspawn gets half of your magic and armor resistance. So if you are a tanky jungler or top lane champ, consider this item to be on your hit list as far as pushing the lane is concerned.

Patch notes 5.1 also marks the start of 2015 ranked season being the first update of the year. The update also mentions a visible change to SR map; the base gates. Two base gates have been installed, one at the either side of mid lane inner turret. Don’t get bogged down, enemy team is not allowed to enter and kick your butt! Only you and your allies can utilize this passage as short cut and for defensive purposes. Also, the patch note, as usual has brought changes (nerf or buffs) to deserving champions, along with small alterations to some items. One significant change has been made to hunter’s machete and its upgrade, Stalker’s blade. While the former will now grant 15 bonus gold and the latter has been nerfed. This upgrade was rapidly utilized by junglers as an effective tool for ganks and left the smited champions out of options. The resulting movement speed will now be slowed by 20% only! Good observation Riot!

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