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Player Behavior Design Values: Reward

When playing online games certain measures have to be set regarding player behaviors. In LoL, these measures or philosophies include a mixture of reform, punishment and positive reinforcement. One of the core items of this system is “reward” which is managed in such a way as to urge players to say positive in the long run.

LoL Player Rewards

In 2014, for example, around 95% of players were given surprise mystery gift for their positive attitude and sportsmanship during matches. Though, Riot has decide to take the next step and explore more stuff regarding positive enforcement and rewards. During the previous year, Riot experimented a lot with community and self-reflection. One of the experiments was the event conducted during snowdown, Legend of the Poro King. Events such as this could be a great measure to judge players’ behavior since it’s a common platform on which almost every player turns up.

One of the secrets of positive reinforcement is the timing of schedule. For example, players usually expect receiving mystery gifts after behaving well during a specific event. But the surprise received without any event or occasion is a big achievement. Suppose, you acted nicely and stayed positive during your last 10 games and suddenly, out of nowhere, you unlocked a free skin. This will encourage you to play your next games with the same attitude and zeal. In the long run, you would be molded according to the code of Riot.

The element of surprise is the key. Keep on your sportsmanlike attitude and you would unlock something nice. Good thing is that players would never know when a gift is coming or what is coming. They will just have to act properly in all their games and they will keep on unlocking exciting gifts. For calm and positive players, this is like a jackpot, since they can expect a gift every now and then. Neutral players have to keep their spirits high and strive hard to achieve this feat if they cannot shop with RP. On the contrary, this announcement should encourage negative or toxic players to keep calm and act nicely during games. Though, it will be close to impossible to see such players change their behavior.

If you haven’t received the mystery gifts till now, be sure that you can have them so long as you are positive in games. Though, keep in mind that it is not compulsory for a surprise to be a mystery gift. It can be a unique summer icon, an IP boast, an attractive ward, and many more. So keep your spirits high and act positively in LoL games.

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