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Rek Sai – New Champion

The world of LOL was taken by surprise by the sudden announcement of a new champion whose name was initially kept a secret. Few days after the release of its promo video, Riot finally revealed its identity and detail. Her name is Rek’ Sai, the Void Burrower.

Rek’ Sai belongs to the void and she is quite similar in appearance to other void champions such as skarner, cho’gath, vel’ koz, khazix etc. Riot never had a champion who can dig tunnels and travel via them and in a way, it was predictable, for some player to predict the appearance of a champion with such abilities.

Talking about her abilities, Rek’ Sai is a champion who is perfect for jungling. Her passive is Fury of the Xer’ Sai. When she attacks her enemies, she gains fury and as a result burrows for a short duration during which her fury is consumed and she regenerates greater percentage of missing health. This is one hell of a passive which not only helpful in team fights but also during jungling. All Rek’Sai abilities are burrowed and unburrowed.

Rek Sai

Q: The unburrowed version of this ability is Rek’Sai lashing out to her enemies and dealing damage to all nearby enemies by her next three basic attacks. The burrowed ability allows her to fire a shot of void energy (a skill shot) which detonates upon impact and if stuck the enemies, can reveal and damage them.

W: In one of the abilities Rek’Sai burrows and gains Tremor Sense, an ability which visualize movement in a wide area. Her movement speed is increased and she negates all collisions while this ability is on. The burrowed version allows her to travel some distance and knock up enemies when she emerges on ground.

E: In unburrowed state, Rek’Sai takes a bite out of her enemy dealing increased true damage depending upon her fury bar. In another ability, she is able to dig a pair of tunnels with two ends. These tunnels are long lasting.

R: Void rush is her ultimate whose passive grants her attack speed. The active allows her to rush towards any of her tunnels. When she emerges, she possess significant movement speed for short duration. The scream before she travels is the most appealing thing about her ultimate.

One thing is for sure, Rek’Sai is worth your money as she is a perfect jungler and a great plus for a team.


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