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The Return of CJ Entus

CJ Entus is one of the teams competing in the ongoing LCS. Not many were expecting good things from this team but they have turned the tide in their favor by out-playing good teams such as GE Tigers who performed well and finished third in League Champions Korea (LCK).

CJ Entus

Considering the recent form of GE Tigers, no one was expecting them to fall down at the hands of CJ Entus. Yet they did. Coming into the season and facing the music, CJ Entus has surprise us all and managed to bear the nerves. Talking about the history of their team, CJ Entus Frost and Blaze didn’t do well in 2014 season and found themselves in low ranks. They were even out of choice for Korea’s regional.

As a team, CJ Entus was not impressive in the previous season and ended up in fifth position out of eight teams. This performance can be due to CJ Entus’s roaster who did few changes in the team and shifted player’s positions. The critics of the game were quick to point out the lack of co-ordination within the new solo players. Though, lack of communication and planning is not the real cause, poor individual performances also played a huge role in keep CJ Entus behind. One of their player, Ambition, for example, had a small champion pool which made him a liability. Coming into LCK season, CJ Entus did pretty well when they found themselves playing against top ranked team, SKT 11. In game one, every CJ member levelled up their game to match SKT 11. For example, their Dr.Mundo top out-played SKT’s Gnar while Ambition’s Jarwan helped the team with 13 assists and Space dominated on ADC’s post. The next game also went the same way and SKT 11 didn’t have a clue as to what was happening to them.

Next in-line for CJ was Najin-e-mFire. The team did great led by Space and Madlife who combined well to produce a score of 8/0/13. The second game was lost as players did not gel with their picked champions. When the match-up was at 1-1, it was now or never situation for them. So they went back to their lucky combination, as in match one and played great to dominate the game. No one was expecting CJ Entus to beat Najin, leave alone SKT. The lack of team synergy that existed in CJ during preseason seemed like a fake fact as they keep on rocking the LCS platform. Good luck to CJ Entus!

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