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Finally a best of five matches, which got played to the fifth match. There was no favorite for this semi-final as both teams stood equal.

The first match started with SHRC going for a late game composition and OMG picking champions for a stronger mid game. One of the highlights of these matches were the wifestealer combination of thresh and Lucian. Both teams started to have a go at each other just as the clock started to tick. SHRC were behind in farm on top lane, and the bottom lane got dominated by OMG. As a result, the match ended in 29 minutes in favor of OMG.


SHRC got the wifestealer combo in the second match, and an over confident OMG team picked corki instead. OMG were in the lead till the 20 minute mark. The problem with OMG was that they did not know what to do with the lead which they had. The same thing happened in the 3rd match. SHRC got back in the game by picking apart OMG’s out of position champions. This allowed them to come back in the game and secure the win.

The fourth match became a must win for OMG and they did play it as such. They played aggressive in the early game and gave their top and bottom lane impressive leads. The mid lane got dominated by OMG’s twisted fate and all in all it was a game in the favor of OMG which they won rather easily.

The banning phase did portray that OMG might win as they took away Khazix from Insec, and he had to pick pantheon as jungle. However, SHRC gave pantheon all the help he needed in jungle and turned him in to a killing machine soon enough. One can say that Pantheon secured the win for SHRC and allowed them to qualify for the finals.


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