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One can say that SHRC did try their best to win the championship but SSW was simply better. Here is an overview of the final championship matches.


Match 1

The game started with SSW barely taking the lead with a kill at level 1. From their onwards, SSW made sure that they used this lead to their advantage and early dives, top and mid assured a secure position for them. SHRC lost the game completely when their push on the bottom tower back fired, costing them deaths. SSW remained dominant in the game and won the match.

Match 2

SSW struggled in the early game against SHRC again, but managed to take early kills. A rather early team fight ended up in the favor on SSW, which gave them a great headstart. From there onwards, SHRC kept on making mistakes and SSW kept on punishing them until they had won the game.

Match 3

Finally SHRC managed to take advantage of their early game skills. Due to a decent start, SHRC kept on outplaying SSW throughout the game. Imp, ADC for SSW, was ineffective as an ADC assassin, meanwhile UZI, ADC for SHRC came out huge in team fights.

Match 4

It seems SHRC had played their best card in the previous game since SSW quickly learned and changed their strategies accordingly. The fourth game did not last that long, thanks to bad banning by SHRC. They allowed Dandy to pick rengar and Insec thought playing pantheon would do the trick, but none of them worked out as they had planned.

In the end SSW won the 2014 championship with a 3-1 final. SSW has been the best team in this season as they only lost 2 matches throughout the championship.


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