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What have we Learned from the Championship?

The final is here, and its time that we recall the important things from the championship and embed them into our game play.

  1. Ward

Placing wards around the map is really important. Though it seems like a waste of gold, but a ward can get you kills and save you from deaths. On the bottom lane it would be best for the support to purchase sight stone. Apart from the support, jungle should purchase wards as well. For top lane it is optional, if the top lane gets a bit of lead then having one would be great for your team.

LOL Campionship

  1. Summoner Spell

Usually summoners pick flash and ignite, however that is not the way for a team to move forward. Having a teleport on the team is a must, in case of team fight situations. It would be better if the top lane has teleport, since they can sustain damage and dish out damage as well.

  1. AP or AD

Your team should consist of ability power champions and attack damage champions. This confuses the enemy team to build either magic resistance or armor.

  1. Picking your fights

There are certain fights which just don’t have to be fought. If teams are waiting for a 5v5 face off, look for an enemy champion out of the position or isolate one to gain a 5v4 advantage. Going in 5v5 is a risk, and a small mistake from enemy champion could get your team aced. If you can’t fight off a dragon or baron fight, then leave it. Do not die defending them, as you will extra feed. Leave a fight when of low health, and re engage when the focus has been diverted from you. This is the key for changing the outcome of battles.


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