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What to Build on Junglers?

To jungle is a fascinating, yet challenging task which is hard to tackle successfully. You have to have many qualities to be a good jungler, such as map awareness, ganking, traditional jungling and now, keeping track of the dragon. Though, now with a new set up given by Riot, with cool strategic items and jungle items, it has added greater versatility on the build of junglers.

Now even the pro junglers have to purchase hunter’s machete as an initial item so as to make their smite more useful. Once you are level 3 or 4, you can recall and purchase one of the four upgrades on machete. These are poacher’s knife, ranger’s trailblazer, skirmisher’s sabre, and stalker’s blade. The first two can be cast on the jungle monsters which in return grant you with bonus movement speeds, reduced cool down on smite, or even restoration of missing health and mana (15%).  The next two items are the fun part. You can smite an enemy champion after purchasing either of these two. While skirmisher’s sabre deals lesser damage, the recommended upgrade is the stalker’s blade as it is of great importance in team fights and ganks. Casting this on enemy slows them for 2 seconds and deals true damage in the range 28-164. If you want to be useful to your crew, then purchase stalker’s blade.

Build on Junglers

All these items can be upgraded further depending upon the nature of your champion. These include enchantment devourer (attack speed), enchantment juggernaut (health), enchantment magus (ability power), and enchantment warrior (attack damage).

Apart from all these new inductions in the jungle items, there are other strategic items which, in my point of view, should be included in a wise jungler’s build. While all the other lane champions are engrossed in their farm and building particular builds, it is necessary for the jungler to add more versatility and improvise. If your team is dominating, you can build righteous glory, which gives sufficient health and its active grants increased movement speed of allies for 3 seconds after which enemy champions are slowed for 1 second. If you require rapid regeneration during the game, then warmog’s armor is your item. This restores 1% of maximum health every five seconds. Banner of command is another item which is for AP jungler; provides 60 AP and boast the activity of minions, giving them armor and damage. Other impressive items of strategic importance include ohm wrecker and raptor clock.

A jungler, apart from going for their normal build should help their team by adding these items in their list.


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