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Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

The 2014 champion which was held in Taipei, Korea, and Singapore was thoroughly enjoyed by fans all around the world. With the amount of advertisement and fame that LoL got during the previous season, this season’s champion is expected to attract more fans than it ever did. But where is this year’s championship going to held? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Europe!

LOL 2015 Championship in Europe

The championship will kick off in October this year. It will be a long awaited tournament which will charm not only its fans but many new players as well. Now, as we are all heading towards the same destination, the importance of Europe should be mentioned. Europe has been the home where LoL started its journey. It is not only the host for EU LCS, but many renowned events and tournaments took place at this setting including the inaugural World Championship in 2011, Dreamback, and IEM. Last year’s All Star tournament was also held in Europe. For players who have been a part of League of Legends from the start wait all year long to witness the greatest teams from all around the globe. They learn from the great moves shown by these pro players and try to implement in their game.

Following the footsteps of 2014 championship, Worlds 2015 will also be a multi-country and multi-city event which is divided into Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final. Matches will be held in different cities of Europe which will advertise LoL nicely. Riot aims to make available all the live action to all its fans across Europe and worldwide over. Not only the common players learned a great deal from pro players, Riot also observed certain grey areas on which they can work on so as to provide an excellent facility to competing players. Last year’s Worlds was a fast paced event as was expected due to measured play from pros.

It is too early to conclude all the precise details of the prestigious event as Riot is still working on finalizing timing, fomat, venues and more. These details will be disclosed in months to come. In the meantime, you can cheer your favorite team in this week’s LCS making its way towards the World scenario. The players and fans based inside Europe are expected to turn in and become a prominent part of World 2015.

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